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Re: Feature Freeze status


Todd Willey wrote:
> If you think the less than 200 repositories the ASF manages speak more
> clearly about openness and standard practices than the nearly 2
> million on github, then I think we are going to continue talking past
> each other.

For OpenStack we are aiming at a community size that is closer to the
mean size of an ASF project than to the mean size of a random github
branch. So yes, I think ASF practices speak more clearly about the type
of openness and standard practices that are necessary for us to grow
from 75 contributors to 200.

> My feelings remain:
> * Isolated patches are okay, and reviews will weed the dangerous ones out
> * Two patches (esp. when marked as exceptions) do not signal a change
> in practices
> * Let's all be nice to our user-contributors

I admit I care more about being nice to future contributors by making is
easy to understand what is worked on, than to save a few minutes to
existing developers.

I understand your points: you want maximum convenience for existing
developers, while I pursue the most inclusive community environment. In
most cases those goals are aligned, and where they differ we'll have to
agree to disagree. My goal is to grow our dev community from dozens to
hundreds, and I'll continue to do so, with the necessary but sufficient
amount of process and procedures.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack