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Re: Proposal to defer existing OS API v1.1 to Diablo, for greater stability in Cactus


Gabe Westmaas wrote:
> Given this, what makes the most sense to me is to focus on stability for version 1.0 API excluding XML support.  The bindings that are out there have strong support for the JSON data formats in v1.0.  As suggested, I think we call the current mostly implemented 1.1 API experimental so as to give access to any features that we need that are only in 1.1.

Makes sense for me as well. Since we know we won't reach 100%, we should
definitely stop to work on "feature gap bugs" to concentrate on
stability for what's already in.

NB: It's sometimes difficult in bug triaging to determine which bugs
would belong to this stability category: don't hesitate to mention
"stability for 1.0 API" in the description somewhere (or ping me) so
that their importance can be set accordingly.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack