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[Nova] Bugs needing attention, Monday edition


Hi everyone,

We have until the end of Thursday to fix random bugs, after that we'll
go into GammaFreeze, which enforces more controls on what goes in
(basically, "is the benefit of the bugfix worth the risk of regression
it brings in"). So let's get as many bugfixes in as we can until then.

Thanks to Soren, Sandy and BrianL for taking over 3 of my last list.
Here is a new priority list:

List images through Openstack API returns HTTP 500

live_migration failing due to network filter not found

LXC libvirtError: internal error cannot determine default video type

Sporadic failure when creating XS vms from machine-images

No size restrictions in place for Images and Kernels


Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack