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Dedicated Doc Day 4/6


Hi everyone -
I have been hemming and hawing on this for a while (wow, that's some
idiomatic speech there), but I'm pleased to let you know we're having a
dedicated doc day prior to the Cactus release.

This Wednesday, April 6th, you can drop everything and give yourself
permission to focus just on documentation. For some, this means filling in
doc strings. For others, it means finalizing that RST doc you've been
writing for fellow developers. For other-others, it means writing down
everything a system administrator needs to know about a hypervisor or
networking nuances or best practices for those growing log files or drawing
conceptual diagrams or... pick what you like.

I've written a blog post with some scope and location details at
http://bit.ly/osdocday. We don't have room for a co-located doc day this
time around, but please do join in from your desk, coffee shop, home or

Feel free to contact me with any questions, I'll be heads-down and neck-deep
in doc but I'm happy to facilitate any additions you want to make to our
growing stack of content.

 *Anne Gentle*
 my blog <http://justwriteclick.com/> | my
LinkedIn <http://www.linkedin.com/in/annegentle> |
Twitter <http://twitter.com/annegentle>