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Re: Request help choosing a topic to be developed on cloud computing


> Hello,
>     I do not know if you can help me, but if this is not the case, I apologize in advance.
>     my name is Khalid abbou, Moroccan, I am currently in 3rd yearengineering student at the National Institute of Posts andTelecommunications (INPT), and as part of my final project thatstudies on "Cloud computing" in a telecom operator like to know ifvs can help choose m already a practical application (preferable todirecting telecom) in the cloud, for example Azur
>    I remain at your disposal for further information and please acceptthe assurances of my highest consideration.


I've spent some time in Morocco, and I love the country.

I don't have experience in the telecom industry, but the projects in Openstack are applicable to solving many types of problems. As a swift (openstack object storage) developer, I'll limit my comments to that. Swift can be used to store vast amounts of data. If a telecom has a large amount of data, swift can be used on top of commodity hardware to reliably store it. Swift's two biggest use cases are backups and web content. Backups are generally large, write-once-read-never data, while web content is generally small write-many-read-very-many data. I suspect that most large companies have a need for both types of content, even if only used internally.

"Practical applications" depends very much on your specific needs: do you need something at the infrastructure level (like openstack), or are you looking for something that's more of a platform (like Google AppEngine)? If infrastructure-level projects do meet your needs, then there is a good chance that something in openstack could be used for your project. Are you looking for something to build on top of existing cloud technologies or something to contribute to existing projects?

To get involved, read the mailing lists and join the IRC channel (#openstack on freenode).


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