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NaaS proposal suggestion


As many of you know there are a few Network as a Service proposals
floating around.  All of the authors are working to combine them into
something we all want to move forward with.  Hopefully by the summit we
will have one blueprint to rule them all.

I would like to make a couple suggestions publicly that I have been
mentioning to everyone I talk to about NaaS.

1.  NaaS should be optional
nova's existing hypervisor only flat and vlan network functionality
should stay in nova.  You should not need to bring up a separate service
to bring up a simple test instance. This will also help us not break
nova as we are making rapid code changes.

2. all communication should be via API.
NaaS should not write or read directly from Novadb.  I have seen many
diagrams that have the NaaS writing data directly to novadb.

3. NaaS should be generic enough that other things can consume it.  I
would love to see Opennebula and Eucalyptus be able to use the Openstack
NaaS.  I know of a few sites that have both Eucalyptus and Openstack
deployed.  It would be nice if they could share a NaaS.  i would also
like to support application calling NaaS to create their own shared
network containers.



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