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OpenStack API, Reservation ID's and Num Instances ...


Hi everyone,

We're deep into the Zone / Distributed Scheduler merges and stumbling onto an interesting problem.

EC2 API has two important concepts that I don't see in OS API (1.0 or 1.1):
- Reservation ID
- Number of Instances to create

Typical use case: "Create 1000 instances". The API allocates a Reservation ID and all the instances are created until this ID. The ID is immediately returned to the user who can later query on this ID to check status.

>From what I can see, the OS API only deals with single instance creation and returns the Instance ID from the call. Both of these need to change to support Reservation ID's and creating N instances. The value of the distributed scheduler comes from being able to create N instances load balanced across zones.

Anyone have any suggestions how we can support this?

Additionally, and less important at this stage, users at the summit expressed an interest in being able to specify instances with something richer than Flavors. We have some mockups in the current host-filter code for doing this using a primitive little JSON grammar. So, let's assume the Flavor-like query would just be a string. Thoughts?


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