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Feedback on HTTP APIs



I've started looking at the 1.1 API draft [1] and want to give some feedback. The draft says that feedback is welcome on the bug queue [2], but I suspect it'd be better to have a dialogue, at least initially. Should I file bugs, or discuss here?

I'm looking at it primarily from a HTTP standpoint, with an emphasis on interoperability. My background is from working on HTTP (I've contributed to several implementations and currently chair the IETF's HTTPbis Working Group), Atom (I was an editor of the Atom Syndication Format specification), and Web Services (for my sins, I was involved in SOAP, WS-Policy, WS-Addressing, WS-I, Web Services attachments and a fair number of other efforts in that glorious stuff-up).


1. <http://docs.openstack.org/cactus/openstack-compute/developer/openstack-compute-api-1.1/os-compute-devguide-cactus.pdf> April 25, 2011 version
2. <https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova>

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