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Re: Integrating GlusterFS with OpenStack


2011/6/3 Shehjar Tikoo <shehjart@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> We're aiming to integrate Gluster with Openstack in a way that allows
> GlusterFS to be used as the storage for application volumes as well as VMs.
> I am interested in hearing your ideas on how such an integration can be
> performed. Being the openstack experts, could you please share some issues I
> should be considering, the problems I may run into or anything else you
> think I should know.

One thing I'd love to be able to do is store my virtual disks on a
gluster filesystem that is shared across my compute nodes. The data
would be stored on the host that is actually running the virtual
machine (think NUFA scheduler). When doing live migration, we could
let KVM migrate the VM state and somehow tell gluster to migrate the
disk image to the new host (to maintain locality between the virtual
machine and its storage). Gluster already has the means to do live
rebalancing, but I don't believe an API to specify "I'd like for this
particular file to reside on this particular brick. Please make it
so". That would *rock*.

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