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boot from ISO


Hi all,

I'm very interested in the "Boot From ISO" feature described here: http://wiki.openstack.org/bootFromISO

In a few words, it's about the ability to boot a VM from the CDROM with an ISO image attached. A blank hard disk being attached to install the OS files in it.

I've got some questions about this:
1. Is the feature available today using a standard Diablo install? I've seen the code about this feature is stored under nova/tests and glance/tests. Does this mean it isn't finished yet and could only be tested under specific conditions? Which ones? 2. the spec tells about a Windows use case. Why just Windows? What should I do to test with a Linux distribution? 3. I can see here <http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Ehudson-openstack/nova/trunk/revision/1433?start_revid=1433> that the Xen hypervisor only has been impacted by the source code changes. Are KVM and VMWare planned to be supported in the future? May I help/be helped to develop KVM and VMWare support for this 'Boot From Iso' feature?

Any help appreaciated

thank you,


Michaël Van de Borne
R&D Engineer, SOA team, CETIC
Phone: +32 (0)71 49 07 45 Mobile: +32 (0)472 69 57 16, Skype: mikemowgli
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