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Devstack/Dashboard Issue



When I connect to the dashboard after a devstack installation I get the
following error:

Unable to get service info: This error may be caused by a misconfigured
Nova url in keystone's service catalog, or by missing openstackx
extensions in Nova. See the Horizon README.

A little investigation has provided the following details:

1.       wget -q -O- returns "{"versions":
[{"status": "CURRENT", "updated": "2011-01-21T11:33:21Z", "id": "v2.0",
"links": [{"href": "";, "rel": "self"}]}]}"

2.       A capture on the loopback has the following request - GET
/v1.1/1/admin/services?fresh=1326787272.2 HTTP/1.1 which in turn
receives a HTTP 404.

The devstack scripts have references to v1.1 and the nova has osapi_path
using v1.1

Any idea when and why the version upgraded from 1.1 to 2?




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