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Re: Devstack/Dashboard Issue


The Horizon core devs discovered this issue with devstack master earlier today. It is reported here:


The issue has been triaged as critical and assigned. Hopefully a resolution will come shortly.

In the interim, it *is* possible to get things running with the following (and a little elbow grease):

nova commit 6f8e167fcaf81d3e4c221cd1d4c1bc84ceb61a9d
devstack commit 471de7a34ba3a3842576fda56602884bf149a9fc

You need to check out both commits, delete your /opt/stack/nova/bin/nova-api-paste.ini if it exists, delete the .pyc files from the nova directory (they'll cause problems with the migrations), and then run stack.sh again. That'll bring devstack up and running to just before the API split in nova.

All the best,

-          Gabriel

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Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 12:06 AM
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Subject: [Openstack] Devstack/Dashboard Issue

When I connect to the dashboard after a devstack installation I get the following error:
Unable to get service info: This error may be caused by a misconfigured Nova url in keystone's service catalog, or by missing openstackx extensions in Nova. See the Horizon README.
A little investigation has provided the following details:

1.       wget -q -O- returns "{"versions": [{"status": "CURRENT", "updated": "2011-01-21T11:33:21Z", "id": "v2.0", "links": [{"href": "";, "rel": "self"}]}]}"

2.       A capture on the loopback has the following request - GET /v1.1/1/admin/services?fresh=1326787272.2 HTTP/1.1 which in turn receives a HTTP 404.
The devstack scripts have references to v1.1 and the nova has osapi_path using v1.1
Any idea when and why the version upgraded from 1.1 to 2?

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