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Proposal for new devstack (v2?)


Hi all,

I would just like to propose a new devstack (v2?) that we have been starting to work on that uses python throughout as well as has componentized installs (for glance, nova...) and a nice object oriented design and the like (including having a json format for defining package and pip dependencies that allows simple comments so people can know what the pkgs are). We are currently trying to get equivalence going for ubuntu (and at the same time rhel6.x) and I would like it if we could get peoples initial thoughts on this.

I know the current devstack shell script is starting to explode (LOC wise) and it seems like it is a good time to stop that from exploding by creating something a little more flexible (and maintainable imho).

Please check it out @ https://github.com/yahoo/Openstack-Devstack2

Comments welcome!

We are working on getting as much equivalence as we can (while still maintaining a "clean" design).



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