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Deprecations for you to be aware of


Greetings.  Changes have recently been made to the nova API which
deprecate the old RequestExtension and ActionExtension classes in favor
of ControllerExtension.  For now, the old-style extensions will work,
but I am currently working on a patch that will remove them entirely
(and, by extension, also remove ExtensionMiddleware, which will remove
the need for LazySerializationMiddleware).

Any third-party extensions should probably be updated to use the new
ControllerExtension interface soon-ish.  For examples of how this may be
done, check out https://review.openstack.org/#change,3020 and
https://review.openstack.org/#change,3049 (ActionExtension and
RequestExtension conversion examples, respectively).

(Just FYI, I'm leaving do-nothing deprecated versions of
ExtensionMiddleware and LazySerializationMiddleware; this will give
people breathing space to update their api-paste.ini files.)
Kevin L. Mitchell <kevin.mitchell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>