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Re: Memory quota in nova-compute nodes.


Hi Jorge.

> I would like to know if it's possible to configure quota in each
> nova-compute node. For example, I set up a new hardware with 8 GB of memory
> and install the nova-compute, but I wish only 4 GB of memory are used
> (dedicated to nova-compute). Is it possible? If so, how can I configure
> that?

I can't remember such a function at the moment, but it's relative simple
to implement such a feature (at least for Linux systems) using cgroups.

Can you please describe your use case. At the moment I can't follow
where I should use the feature. Why should I install nova-compute on a
bare metal system with 32 GByte memory and only use 16 GByte memory?

Bye, Christian.

Christian Berendt
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