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Re: ZeroMQ RPC Driver - FF-Exception request


On Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 6:05 PM, Zhongyue Luo wrote:

> I assume the messages will be delivered directly to the destination rather than piling up on a queue server?

Although the blueprint doesn't specify this level of detail, the intention had originally been to deliver a queue-server model in Essex with a distributed-model in Folsom.  The first-cut code which passes tests does pile onto a queue server.  I now have code which implements a distributed model, but it is in a raw state. There are a number of edge-cases a distributed model can face, especially in regard to threading mechanisms (i.e. eventlet).

My current blockers for having this code ready for a merge-proposal are not related to a single-server or distributed model. Once I address these problems, there can be a decision on how much time is left to debug a distributed model within a FFe time-frame, or if this can be accepted as a separate blueprint within E4. If I get a solid 1-2 weeks or more for a FFe, I'll be more confident in the distributed model as there is more room to test, debug, and fix.

By the way, I must note in this thread, that I haven't done this alone.  A good amount of this work, i.e. the first-first-cut, was completed by Zed Shaw and was made possible through his QAL. Duncan McGreggor has been on hand, helpful, and has contributed some commits as well.

Regards,Eric Windisch