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[Scaling][Orchestration] Zone changes. WAS: [Question #185840]: Multi-Zone finally working on ESSEX but cant "nova list" (KeyError: 'uuid') + doubts


Zones is going through some radical changes currently.

Specifically, we're planning to use direct Rabbit-to-Rabbit communication between trusted Zones to avoid the complication of changes to OS API, Keystone and novaclient.

To the user deploying Nova not much will change, there may be a new service to deploy (a Zones service), but that would be all. To a developer, the code in OS API will greatly simplify and the Distributed Scheduler will be able to focus on single zone scheduling (vs doing both zone and host scheduling as it does today). 

We'll have more details soon, but we aren't planning on introducing the new stuff until we have a working replacement in place. The default Essex Scheduler now will largely be the same and the filters/weight functions will still carry forward, so any investments there won't be lost. 

Stay tuned, we're hoping to get all this in a new blueprint soon.

Hope it helps,

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Sandy, Vish !

Thanks for the replies ! let me get to the relevant points.

#1 I totally agree with you guys, the policy for spawning instances
maybe very special of each company strategy, but, as you can pass from
"Fill First" to "Spread First" just adding a "reverse=True" on
nova.scheduler.least_cost.weighted_sum" and
"nova.scheduler.distributed_scheduler._schedule" maybe its a harmless
addition to manipulate (since we are going to have a lot of zones across
datacenters, and many different departments are going to create many
instances to load-balance their applications, we really preffer
SpreadFirst to make sure hight availability of the pools )

#2 As we are going to test essex-3, i would like if you can tell me if
the zones code from Chris Behrens is going to be added on Final Essex /
Milestone 4, so we can keep testing other features, or you preffer us to
load this as a bug to be fixed since maybe the code that broke is not
going to have major changes.

Kindest regards !

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