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Re: SolidFireSanISCSIDriver - FF-Exception request


John Griffith wrote:
> All,
> I rant into some problems with my LaunchPad accounts that prevented me
> from getting everything submitted/approved before the deadline.  
> This change is simply the addition of a SAN-ISCSI driver for SolidFire
> block storage devices.  It was on it's way to approval until something
> went wrong with my LaunchPad ID.
> Anyway, here's the link to the applicable gitweb review:
>  https://review.openstack.org/gitweb?p=openstack%2Fnova.git;a=commit;h=47a357bd2b46a2279a98ed726facd2b12fe0a0f5

Would be good to file a Nova blueprint about this, and target it at essex-4:


You can add a link to the existing review in the whiteboard section.


Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack