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Re: Ubuntu OpenStack QA Lab up and running


Hey Nati--

1. Is there any document or opensource of your juju-based ci-deployment?

You can find a whole pile of bzr branches that hosts everything this is built on at


Beware this contains a lot of stuff! Packaging branches, forked Juju charms customized for the CI lab, various utility scripts we came up with along the way. I'll try to get an email or blog somewhere that gives an overview of what we've put together and how it all works.

2. Which kind of test are you running after deploy test?

We're currently deploying components across 8 baremetal nodes and then running a very basic test of cloud functionality. I lifted the euca test from the devstack exercise scripts. I'd like to also recruit the other excercise scripts to smoke test the deployment so we are at least on-par with what upstream CI is testing. I've been poking at tempest in the meantime as well. Unfortunately, every time I do requires uncovering some more bugs. I will probably look into enabling Tempest testing even if its results are not 100% reliable currently. Long-term, we'd like to be using the Tempest suite to do all integration testing.