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three things about OpenStack docs


Hi all -
I thought you'd want to know these three things about docs going on lately.

1. The new installation guide for Diablo that includes Compute,
Identity, Image, and the Dashboard is now published. Find it

2. The PDF links on the home page are being replaced with PDF links in
the top bar of the HTML manual itself. PDFs aren't going missing, but
the button is moving. Tell your friends and neighbors.

3. Now that we have feature freeze for many features, I'm going to
start a list of documentation needs for the Essex release. This list
will assist with doc priorities.

4. I lied when I said three things.

5. We'd like to hold a Doc Day in March to prep for the Essex release,
similar to the Bug Squash day coming up next week. I'd like to visit
sunny California for Doc Day but want other locations to feel free to
hold their own as well.

6. The stable/diablo branch of openstack-manuals has been blocked from
publishing for a little while but I'm aware of the problem and so are
the members of the CI team. We'll get it fixed and will free the
floodgates for the backported fixes.

7. We've got a great new manual titled "Programming OpenStack Compute
API with Shell and Python" authored by Jacek Artymiak of DevGuide.net.
I'm working on the backend to automate publishing from Markdown to get
it on docs.openstack.org, but you can review the Markdown submission
here: https://review.openstack.org/3515.

8. I'd like to go to a weekly docs team meeting for the remainder of
the Essex release. I'd also like to change the time of day, but likely
keep it on Monday prior to the team meeting. Suggestions welcome!

As always, feel free to ask questions and rock the docs.


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