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Re: nova scaling-zone and trusted computing



The scaling-zone enforces designs on capabilities - capability must be periodically updated, within 3 keep-alive ticks, from components, otherwise the capability is viewed as stale and removed. 

Is any intention to create "sticky", i.e., good until update/cancel, capabilities from entity outside of compute-nodes?

On trusted computing, a node's trusted state can't be trusted if reported directly by node itself, rather it should come from a 3rd trusted entity to verify and report nodes' state.  Secondly, we would need sticky capability since it won't be useful or feasible to continue updating all nodes' trusted states into nova in 3 ticks if we are running state verification logic external to Nova.

> Have you taken a look at:  https://review.openstack.org/#change,2552
> to see if it makes your life any easier?  There's more changes coming.
> One of the goals is to make things a bit more pluggable and eventually
> even combine all of the current schedulers.
> - Chris