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multi_host networking, but not on all nodes?


With the default networking there's a single nova-network service.
With the --multi_host option, 'set_network_host' sets every instance
to use their host as the nova-network node, effectively requiring
nova-network to run on every nova-compute.  The multi_host mode
greatly helps HA and consolidates fault domains, but at the cost of
increased complexity and IP sprawl when using the VLAN networking
model, as each host in the zone now has to have an IP on every VLAN.

What I think I'm looking for is a middle ground where you can run
multiple nova-network nodes, but not equal to the number of compute
nodes.  Basically a similar ability as implemented with the
nova-volume service; the ability to scale the nova-network nodes
independently from the computes.  The big downside is that you no
longer have the benefit of combined fault domains (network/compute).
Is any of this possible today?  Does Quantum with OpenvSwitch handle
any of this either?




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