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XCP toolstack support for devstack


Hi Jesse and Anthony,

Mike McClurg has a devstack branch that implements support for
devstack on Debian/Ubuntu + the XCP toolstack [1]. Bascially, you can
take a Debian/Ubuntu system with the xcp-xapi package installed and
configured [2] and then run the devstack xcp-toolstack branch
(specially the scripts in the xcp-toolstack directory of that branch)
to prepare the Debian/Ubuntu-based Dom0 and build the OpenStack VM on
top of that. We've been testing it and we also have some early
adopters that have also been testing it. We would like to open it up
to a wider audience.

[1] http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/XCP_toolstack_on_a_Debian-based_distribution
[2] https://github.com/mcclurmc/devstack/tree/xcp-toolstack/tools/xcp-toolstack

First of all, our you guys interested in merging this type of suppport
into devstack?

Second, we are wondering about the right implementation approach as
far as merging it with the existing Xen scripts. The are basically two

1) Pull in the xcp-toolstack branch as its own and have it just work,
but have the maintenance problem of duplication of code. (Less work
now, bigger maintenance cost)


2) Refactor the xcp-toolstack and Xen versions so that the common code
is factored out nicely. (More work now, less maintenance cost)

For your convenience, a diff is available here:



Todd Deshane

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