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Orchestration meetings/futures



The orchestration sub-group activity has dropped off since the start of the year and we need to re-evaluate what should be done in this area.  There are still latency/serialization concerns that need to be addressed but people have more immediate concerns that seem to be occupying people's time right now.

I'm going to propose that we move any orchestration email threads to the main mailing list so that no issues get forgotten about.  The volume seems a little low so the main list shouldn't be a problem.

Creating an orchestration session at the Design Summit would be a good way to get people's attention and identify what issues need to be addressed and who is still interested in the area.

In the mean time I will still be hanging out on the IRC meeting channel to chair the weekly orchestration meetings for anyone who is still interested.  We can come to a definitive agreement on what to do about orchestration at the summit but I want to keep all communication channels open until then.

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