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Announcing StackTach ...



Last week I started on a little debugging tool for OpenStack based on
AMQP events that I've been calling StackTach. It's really handy for
watching the flow of an operation through the various parts of OpenStack.

It consists of two parts:

1. The Worker.

Sits somewhere on your OpenStack network. It listens to AMQP "monitor.*"
notifications and sends them to the StackTach server.

(I need this branch to land for it to work ... hint hint)

2. The Web Interface

Collects events via REST calls (poorman multi-tenant) and presents these
events in a funky little web interface.

You can play around with the UI here:
(this is with data coming from my personal OpenStack Dev env)

"What do I do?"

Click on anything and you'll see the particulars in the Details window.
Click on [+] to see the JSON for the event.
"Hosts" shows the last 20 events that have a Host defined.
"Instances" shows the last 20 events that have the Instance field
Hosts and Instances windows are resize-able.
You may see duplication between both windows.
Click on Time to see any events around that time (+/- 1 minute I think)

"Where is the code?"

The code is hosted below. There's LOTS of work to do to make it ready
for prime-time ... but please, contribute.


"How do I install it?"

I need to make this process cleaner. Right know you need to know how to
create a Django Project and stick StackTach in there.

Look forward to the feedback.


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