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Re: Announcing StackTach ...


Thanks y'all ... I'll chat with "The Powers" to see where that fits. But
I agree it's a good idea.

One nice thing about StackTach though, is that it doesn't have to run
inside the firewall or have direct db access. The server is multi-tenant
and can host multiple openstack deployments. Would this ability be lost
with Horizon integration?


On 02/20/2012 07:40 PM, Devin Carlen wrote:
> Sandy, this is great work!  I think it would be worth integrating this
> into a view in Horizon for Folsom timeframe.
> Devin
> On Monday, February 20, 2012 at 12:15 PM, Sandy Walsh wrote:
>> Hey!
>> Last week I started on a little debugging tool for OpenStack based on
>> AMQP events that I've been calling StackTach. It's really handy for
>> watching the flow of an operation through the various parts of OpenStack.
>> It consists of two parts:
>> 1. The Worker.
>> Sits somewhere on your OpenStack network. It listens to AMQP "monitor.*"
>> notifications and sends them to the StackTach server.
>> (I need this branch to land for it to work ... hint hint)
>> https://review.openstack.org/#change,4194
>> 2. The Web Interface
>> Collects events via REST calls (poorman multi-tenant) and presents these
>> events in a funky little web interface.
>> You can play around with the UI here:
>> http://darksecretsoftware.com/stacktach/1/
>> (this is with data coming from my personal OpenStack Dev env)
>> "What do I do?"
>> Click on anything and you'll see the particulars in the Details window.
>> Click on [+] to see the JSON for the event.
>> "Hosts" shows the last 20 events that have a Host defined.
>> "Instances" shows the last 20 events that have the Instance field
>> populated.
>> Hosts and Instances windows are resize-able.
>> You may see duplication between both windows.
>> Click on Time to see any events around that time (+/- 1 minute I think)
>> "Where is the code?"
>> The code is hosted below. There's LOTS of work to do to make it ready
>> for prime-time ... but please, contribute.
>> https://github.com/rackspace/stacktach
>> "How do I install it?"
>> I need to make this process cleaner. Right know you need to know how to
>> create a Django Project and stick StackTach in there.
>> Look forward to the feedback.
>> Cheers,
>> Sandy
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