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A brief update on the invites to the Design Summit


Hello folks,

As of today about ~150 people registered already out of the 260 invites
distributed for the OpenStack Summit. 

>From http://wiki.openstack.org/Summit

        The design summit is not a classic conference with speakers and
        presentations. Developers submit session ideas to discuss
        upcoming features for the next release cycle, which get reviewed
        and scheduled by the summit drivers. Those sessions are not
        formal presentations but rather open discussions on a given
        subject or feature. [...]
        The OpenStack Design Summit is not the right place to get
        started or learn the basics of OpenStack. For that it's better
        to check the various OpenStack meetups organized by user groups
        around the world or one of the OpenStack conferences.

The PTLs have been handing extra invites to the design summit to all the
people that we missed in the first batch. If you work on OpenStack as
developer, deployer, operator, ask me or your PTL to get an invite. 

If you have received an invite code, please use it NOW: go to
http://www.openstack.org/conference/san-francisco-2012/register/ and

Invite codes that nave NOT been used by Wednesday February 29th will
expire and be put back in the pool, made available for others to join
the summit. 

We are sending a reminder to all the people that received an invite and
haven't registered: use it or lose it, as after February 29th there is
no guarantee that you'll get a seat at the summit nor the discount for
the conference.

On March 1st access to the summit will be open to anybody interested on
a first come first served basis. I'm confident we'll be able to
accommodate the demand.

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