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Re: Memory leaks from greenthreads



Just a thought I was having, that others might want to chime in on.

Has there been any thinking around only using eventlet/greenlet for webserver endpoints and using something like multiprocessing for everything else?

I know its a fundamental change, but it would force people to think about how to break up there code into something that would work with a message passing architecture (this is already happening with nova + rabbitmq). Nova is a good example, but my thought was to go even further and have anything that needs to run for a long time (ie a equivalent of a nova manager) that is shared inside a application also be a separate "process" with a queue for message passing. Then maybe eventlet/greenlet isn't needed at all? This would force good interfaces, and we wouldn't have to worry about missing a monkey patch. Maybe the python people plan for multiprocess to replace eventlet/greenlet in the end anyway???


On 2/29/12 12:48 PM, "Vishvananda Ishaya" <vishvananda@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

We have had a memory leak due to an interaction with eventlet for a while that Johannes has just made a fix for.



Unfortuantely, I don' t think we have a decent workaround for nova while that patch is upstreamed.  I wanted to make sure that all of the distros are aware of it in case they want to carry an eventlet patch to prevent the slow memory leak.


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