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Re: Google Summer of Code-2012


On 02/27/2012 08:32 AM, Russell Bryant wrote:
> On 02/09/2012 04:27 PM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
>> Thierry Carrez wrote:
>>> You should start a wiki page to collect mentors and the subjects they
>>> propose... and based on how many we get, see if our application is
>>> warranted.
>> Here it is:
>> http://wiki.openstack.org/GSoC2012
> Organizations must submit their application for GSoC 2012 sometime
> between today and March 9th.  Nobody has signed up on the above wiki
> page to volunteer as a mentor.  If you are interested in being a mentor,
> please put your name on the wiki sometime this week so we can decide if
> it makes sense to participate.

Only one person has signed up as interested in being a mentor, so it
looks like it's not worth our time putting in an application.

Russell Bryant

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