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WebOb + DeprecationWarning


I'm using a devstack-configured box with all the latest code and am running into DeprecationWarning wherever weob.Request.str_[GET,PUT,cookies,params] are accessed (they are being replaced by unicode equivalents).  Since Python < 2.7 does not ignore DeprecationWarning, and I am running on Python 2.6, the warnings are being thrown as exceptions.

This has already been addressed in quantum:


I've submitted a patch for glance:


I then realized that the nova api is similarly afflicted, and thought that some discussion might be warranted since so many projects were affected:

1. Should DeprecationWarning be ignored by OpenStack projects when using Python < 2.7?
2. If no to #1, should OpenStack projects be proactively surveyed for use of deprecated webob.Request properties, with an eye towards replacing such use immediately?  Note that the string properties will not be removed until WebOb 1.2 and all projects are currently on 1.0.8.
3. As a follow-on to #2, is there going to be any fallout from switching from string to unicode webob.Request properties?  Web apps generally code defensively against non-ascii input, but being new to OpenStack I'm not sure how well this best-practice has been adhered to.



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