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Re: Libvirt Snapshots


2012/3/9 Vishvananda Ishaya <vishvananda@xxxxxxxxx>:
> OPTION B --> libvirt 9.5 snapshots
> This method uses the newer snapshot xml in libvirt 9.5 to snapshot only the
> root disk.
> Pros:
> plays nicely with libvirt, so the vm is only paused for the minimum amount
> of time
> Cons:
> requires libvirt 9.5, which doesn't exist in oneiric

Oneiric is old hat. I'm cool with 0.9.5. If someone wants to spend
time building an inferior (i.e. that requires more downtime during
snapshotting) implementation that works with older versions of
libvirt, that's fine, but as a project, my view is: There's excellent
free software available that enables us to build cooler things faster.
We should use it.

Besides, libvirt 0.9.5 has been out for over 6 months. It's not *that* new.

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