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Re: Openstack with Xen


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> Xenserver is the better tested path, so it might make more sense to try
> that first.

PLEASE, don't recommend to others to use XenServer
instead of XCP (eg, Kronos). I have spent enough
time with Mike on packaging XCP in Debian so that
the latest (version 1.3.2-2) is in SID since few
days. If everyone is pushing away users, then we
will *never* have feedback!

> You can get a free license for Xenserver. Follow the
> instructions on this page for installation:
> http://wiki.openstack.org/XenServer/Install Once you have a trial
> version, you can obtain the free license by signing up for a new account
> at citrix.com

Which is not needed. Please use the latest SID,
and do:

apt-get install xcp-xapi

then read the README.Debian


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