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PyCon 2012 Sprints update


Just a reminder that OpenStack is  sprinting at PyCon 2012 in Santa
Clara, CA starting tomorrow, March 12th.

You don't have to be a PyCon attendee to attend the sprints in
person.  However, food was budgeted for conference attendees, so
plan on bringing a bag lunch or buying lunch locally.

For sprint topics so far, we have:

 - solving the "not-file-injection" bootstrap of auth
 - an effective and agreed upon method for supporting
   read-write metadata (plus or minus the auth concerns)
 - finishing the RBAC work
 - defining a first draft of an API for layer 3 networking support
 - adding test coverage for eventlet in Nova
 - finishing the Consolidate Testing Infrastructure blueprint
 - Horizon improvements for Quantum support
 - Python devstack (check it out on github)

There is a sprint page on the wiki at

The main pycon sprint page is at https://us.pycon.org/2012/community/sprints/

Now's the time to add any other sprint topics to the wiki and review open bugs.

Docs have been lagging the release, so if anyone want's to work on
documentation I can help with the docs workflow since I've been
through it a few times.


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