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Re: Gerrit minimum review time frame


Joe Gordon wrote:
> I have noticed that some Gerrit branches get approved very quickly,
> sometimes in a matter of minutes.   While most of the time these
> branches are vetted properly, the window for reviewing can be so small
> that a non-trivial branch lands but without enough vetting.  If someone
> is in a meeting for half on hour they may miss the entire review window.
>  To fix this problem I propose a minimum time frame (should be
> overridable in an emergency) for a branch to be approved, perhaps 2
> hours.  This time frame would start on 'Upload time.'  

I bet this issue happens for Nova, but does not occur in the other
projects. In small teams of reviewers (maximum 5-6 people), every
reviewer quickly gets to know what makes the other reviewers tick. Those
small review groups work as a team, asking the chap who cares about a
particular set of things to weigh in before they would accept a given
change. Nova-core (26 people) is just too big to work like that.

The issue with time gates is that they have to be sufficiently long to
be timezone-friendly, and some basic fixes really need to get in faster.

So I'd rather work on formally splitting the nova-core group into
smaller topic-oriented review groups, which would ensure that code
affecting a given area is reviewed by the experts of that area (rather
than by whoever happens to be on ReviewDay duty), and would allow them
to work as a team.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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