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Re: Random libvirt hangs


I certainly understand your position Thierry.  However, I think it is
important that we target one 'golden' platform, and that we take
responsibility for any issues with that platform.  Otherwise we simply
end up pointing fingers and being blocked on backports, and the end
result is a system that just doesn't work for the people actually
deploying it.  "File a bug upstream" is an appropriate response for
me, but it's not really OK for end-users.

We could then have a policy that 'if Essex fails on TargetPlatform
it's an OpenStack issue, otherwise it's a distro issue'.  We can
either work around the bug or work with TargetPlatform to get a bugfix
integrated.  Other distros can look to the golden platform to
understand what patches are needed and how things are supposed to

It sounds like Precise is a good candidate for Essex: it is an LTS
release, and we have time to ensure that any required bugfixes (that
we don't want to work around) make it into the official release.

If that's agreeable, then e.g. we probably retarget devstack and our
documentation from Oneiric to Precise.  We should probably gate on
Precise as well.

I will be much happier if we just say "we aim to support X"; I don't
really care what X is.  I'm just going to be running OpenStack on the
machine, so I'm not picking my distro e.g. based on how I feel about
Unity.  I'd imagine most users are in a similar camp.


On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 5:00 AM, Thierry Carrez <thierry@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Justin Santa Barbara wrote:
>> Which operating system(s) are we aiming to support for Essex?  Is the
>> plan to backport the latest libvirt to Oneric, or are we going to wait
>> for Precise?
> The question is the other way around: which operating systems aim to
> support Essex ? We try to set the dependencies for OpenStack to a
> reasonable set of versions (generally compatible with the release under
> development of the major Linux distributions), but it's up to the
> distributions themselves to make sure they align if they want to support
> a given version of OpenStack.
> Ubuntu will ship Essex in 12.04 LTS. I don't think there are any plans
> to backport it to 11.10. Fedora will support Essex in Fedora 17, etc.
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