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Re: Random libvirt hangs


Justin Santa Barbara wrote:
> Which operating system(s) are we aiming to support for Essex?  Is the
> plan to backport the latest libvirt to Oneric, or are we going to wait
> for Precise?

The question is the other way around: which operating systems aim to
support Essex ? We try to set the dependencies for OpenStack to a
reasonable set of versions (generally compatible with the release under
development of the major Linux distributions), but it's up to the
distributions themselves to make sure they align if they want to support
a given version of OpenStack.

Ubuntu will ship Essex in 12.04 LTS. I don't think there are any plans
to backport it to 11.10. Fedora will support Essex in Fedora 17, etc.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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