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Re: "nova zone" and "availability_zone"



It would be useful if there was a glossary of terms related to Openstack. It
is easy to get confused as many words are overloaded or slightly different
between different parts of Openstack.


There is also the page on identity at
ervice-Concepts-e1362.html which defines some concepts.


>From  <http://wiki.openstack.org/Glossary>
http://wiki.openstack.org/Glossary, there is a pointer to
<http://cloudglossary.com/> http://cloudglossary.com/ but the openstack
terms are not in there.


There is also
-1.0/content/Glossary.html for networking.




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Availability Zone is an EC2 concept. Zones were a sharding scheme for Nova.
Zones are being renamed to Cells to avoid further confusion. Availability
Zones will remain the same. 


Hope it helps!



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Subject: [Openstack] "nova zone" and "availability_zone"

Hi all,  


What is the difference between "nova zone(s)" and "availability_zone"?

In a new deployment, the *services* table in the nova db contains an

column (which is 'nova', but default). 


If that is not the same as "nova zones"  (which are logical deployments, as
far as I understood), where is information

about zones stored?


The only documentation about "zones" in openstack that I could find is here:




is there anything on availability zones?








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