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[OpenStack] Xen Hypervisor


Hi folks,

First let me say that i'm trying to install xen hypervisor and integrate it with OpenStack for more than one week. I'm studying OpenStack for a company and this company doesn't allow us to use ready scripts (Why? they want to be different from the whole world).

I have used some links for references:

Me and my coworker are trying to install this and integrate on a running and tested OpenStack infrastructure, so this machines will have just nova-compute service. He is trying with XCP and I with XenServer, so let me introduces our tries:

1. XCP On Ubuntu (Kronos)
* Install fine
* Doesn't work

2. XCP On CentOS
* Install fine
* We can run a instance of Ubuntu using XenCenter
* Installed nova-compute and configured it.
* No Errors, but when we try to run a instance on it, appears on an error about XAPI.
* We read something about privileged guest, how to set it?

3. DevStack (We can't use this, but also tried to)
* Install XenServer (or XCP, we tested on both)
* Following https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack/blob/master/tools/xen/README.md guide
* On Step 4, it wont create ALLINONE.xva and give some errors about directories on console (running script with root user on XenServer)

I hope that someone can help me solve this problems, and maybe help someone else to install Xen and integrate with OpenStack.

Why this is so difficult?

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