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Re: Being pedantic about pedanticism: HACKING styleguide


On Thu, Mar 22, 2012, Andrew Bogott <abogott@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>     I propose that this unified style guide be copied into each of
> the above projects, with a mandate to maintain consistency
> henceforth.  Any objections?

I recently saw a suggestion to put it into openstack-common, but I don't
remember who made it (sorry!).

> FLAMEBAIT (docstring format):
> The only explicit contradiction I came across is regarding docstring
> formatting.  Glance says this:
> **DO NOT** leave an extra newline before the closing triple-double-quote.
> Nova, this:
>   A docstring ends with an empty line before the closing quotations.
> I propose that we just pick one or the other, or remove both prescriptions.

I prefer the glance version, which is also how nova has been developed.

PEP8 says otherwise, but it's an emacs anachronism which I understand
isn't relevant anymore.

> FLAMEBAIT (filename):
> Some projects have a HACKING file, and some have a HACKING.rst file.
> Doesn't .rst generally indicate a REST API definition?  I propose
> that the file be called HACKING.

.rst means it's formatted in reStructuredText.