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Re: Network Connectivity issue


Hi Nicolas, thanks for using our distro!

Just to summarize:
- Single node
- Management network: = to
Let's assume gateway =
- Service Network: = to
gateway should be =

If you wan to ping from the service network to a host in the management
network (and it's not the single node) you need a route to that network. Or
you can configure your system to use the Management Network as the public
network. Then you will reach your hosts.

If you are using FlatDHCP, may be you can configure the smart installer to
use as the service network a subset (not a subnet) of the management
network. It's a dirty hack (I prefer to split networks always) we did in
the past...

For example if you want to setup a little lab in your lapto with the distro
you can use this settings:
- Single node
- Management network: (this is my network, use yours)
- Service Network:
- Public Network (floating range): (and of course I don't
have any host in this subnet)

With this configuration floating IPs will reach hosts in the management


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On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 3:47 PM, Nicolas Odermatt <odermattn@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Hello guys, I am dealing with a strange phenomenon my StackOps environment.
> The thing is like this:
> I am running a single-node stackops deployment in a little /25 network.
> The installation and the few configurations I had to do afterwards went
> just fine, no problems so far. I was also able to upload an image to glance
> and to start an instance using euca2ools. I authorized the necessary port
> for ssh, allowed icmp and then connected to the instance with ssh.
> Afterwards I checked the instance's connection to the internet, which was
> up and running. Now to my so called "strange phenomenon": Although I am
> able to ping my stackops-node, public ip adresses (e.g and in
> spite the fact that name resolving works as well, I can't ping a Client
> machine in my local area network. My stackops-node has the ip-address
>, the instance has the ip-address(
> and the client has the ip-address
> I can't think of an approach to this problem, as I have enabled ssh and
> icmp and the connection between Client and stackops-node exists.
> Is it possible that I might have forgott to add a certain rule?
> Thanks for your ideas!
> Best regards.
> Nicolas
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> Freundliche Grüsse,
> Nicolas Odermatt
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