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Re: Being pedantic about pedanticism: HACKING styleguide


OK, so I see three ways of going forward here.

1) I can back out my new style-guide from openstack-common, and add my new encoding rule to each project guide.

2) We can modify each project-specific guide so that it's supplemental. "Follow the common style guide, but with the following exceptions..."

3) We can continue to dicker about rules in hopes of coming to a universal consensus. I'm not clear that there's even actual disagreement about style, only about whether or not given rules are are aren't too niggling to put in the styleguide. That doesn't strike me as an uncrossable rift, but I've already shown my naivete in these regards.

I am happy to take on and implement any of these approaches, up to and including scheduling an in-person Code Summit Battledome in order to resolve differences of opinion about docstring whitespace. But, my preference for a unified style-guide is a mild one, and I'll probably just opt for solution 1 unless others express that unification is worth the trouble.


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