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keystone, euc2ools and nova-manage issue


I have integrated keystone, nova/openstack and horizon.
I have created user/tenant/ etc according to 
I was able to upload an image and launch it. I was able to ssh and ping to the vm through fixed ip.
Question 1: 
I was able to allocate a floating ip address,
However, I have not been able to associate floating ip address to the instance:
I am getting error:
ApiError: (ip_address) is not allocated.
I see in the logs that Project_id is always " none".
Is there a way to associate project_id that euca uses (in nova.projects table) with keystone tenant?
Or is there any method other than euca-associate-address to use?
Question 2:
When I try to increase the  floating_ips quota, I get the following error:
sudo nova-manage project quota floating_ips 100
Command failed, please check log for more info
In the logs, I see the following error:
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'lower'
Any clue  or lead is appreciated.