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Re: Caching strategies in Nova ...


You can. The sanctioned approach is to use Yagi with a feed into
something like PubSubHubBub that lives on the public interweeb.

It's just an optional component.


On 03/23/2012 12:20 PM, Kevin L. Mitchell wrote:
> On Fri, 2012-03-23 at 13:43 +0000, Gabe Westmaas wrote:
>> However, I kind of expect that many users
>> will still poll even if they know they won't get new data until X
>> time. 
> I wish there was some kind of way for us to issue push notifications to
> the client, i.e., have the client register some sort of callback and
> what piece of data / state change they're interested in, then nova would
> call that callback when the condition occurred.  It probably wouldn't
> stop polling, but we could ratchet down rate limits to encourage users
> to use the callback mechanism.
> Of course, then there's the problem of, what if the user is behind a
> firewall or some sort of NAT... :/