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hardware specifications for a little private cloud


Hi all,

I'm a teacher at a sysadmin academy and we are planning to deploy a
private cloud with OpenStack for educational/training purposes. We are
currently selecting the optimal hardware configuration for our needs
and I'm asking for some help to the list.

Using [1] as a reference, we are clear about hardware specifications
of compute nodes (4 nodes with 2 processors), but we aren't about the
best solution for node controller and optimal storage:

Option 1:

1 server with 2 HD in RAID1 (nova controller, nova volume, glance,
...) + 1 SAN iSCSI

Option 2:

1 server with 12 HD in RAID5/6 (nova controller, nova volume, glance, ...)

We are excited about the possibilities that a private cloud brings to
us and we don't want to fail in this critical step, so any help will
be really appreciated.

Alberto Molina Coballes
IES Gonzalo Nazareno

[1] http://www.referencearchitecture.org/hardware-specifications/

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