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Re: Installion guide for OpenStack Essex on Ubuntu 12.04


Hi Anne,

thank you very much for the warm words and your hints!

Am 26.03.12 20:04, schrieb Anne Gentle:
> Great work, Martin! It really does show that an installation can be completed for a proof of concept quite quickly.
> I tested the entire guide, and found I couldn't change the hastexo password 
> in the keystone_data.sh even if I changed it in the keystone.conf file, not 
> sure why not. Your instructions are correct, it's just that small changes are 
> going to have cascading effects. Perhaps you could be more clear about the 
> re-use of the SERVICE_TOKEN="hastexo" being the same as the ADMIN_PASSWORD 
> (I changed one but not the other, not realizing the "hastexo" string was in 
> both places). It is what it is, not much a user can do about it other than 
> tread carefully.

I reworded that paragraph so that people following the guide will use the same
password for both variables; can you confirm it's more distinct now please?

> You should also be more clear about editing the nova.conf file to replace 
> your IP address with the IP address of the server the user is 
> installing upon in Step 5 [1]. You also need to restart the nova services 
> after editing the nova.conf file so that the MySQL config is picked up, 
> right?
I added a paragraph to that page which states that people have to replace every
occurance of with the IP address of the machine they are running this
setup on; again, can you confirm please that it's more distinct now?

> As I mentioned in our IRC chatting, I'd like to see your guide brought into 
> the community docs site as a quick start, once the "substitute this python 
> file for that" parts are sorted out through the bug fixes and package updates 
> we'll hope get in 12.04 in time.
One python file exchange is gone already, and the other one, as Adam stated, is
hopefully due for deletion today or tomorrow once the horizon package in Ubuntu
gets the necessary patch. As soon as the package hits Precise, I will remove
the wget-part and add a warning instead that people need to use at least the
version that includes the fix to get the Dashboard working.

> To my eye, it's similar to the CSS OSS Beginner's Guide, but much quicker start 
> to finish without explanatory text or object storage. So what I'd like to 
> suggest is that you propose this guide to be added to the OpenStack docs - it'll 
> help with maintenance and ongoing edits.
That'd be awesome! :-)

> I can help you create a "quick start" guide with "Built for OpenStack" logo 
> and your logo (now available thanks to work from the docs tools team here at 
> Rackspace, you could be the first one to try it). This would mean bringing 
> the source into DocBook and the openstack-manuals github repository. 
I'd absolutely love to be your guinea pig for this :)

> You can keep the CC-By-SA licensing for the document by going this route, 
> though I do want to hear what other doc contributors think of this approach. 
> In our conversations, you just said "CC-By-SA" - could you be more specific 
> about which license you want? We welcome Creative Commons licensing but doc 
> contributors do want to be able to contribute without commercial implications.
Ahum, I must admit this puzzles me a bit. We have no intention whatsoever to
force anyone into commercial implications; what we want is that everybody is
able to use, change and redistribute the file as he/she sees fit. After all,
that's the idea behind F/OSS, isn't it? I'm a Debian Guy, so i'm anything but
reluctant to that idea :)

> Any docs-core members care to comment on bringing it in the openstack-manuals repo if Martin is willing?
I'll be most happy to cooperate with whoever is the person in charge for this!

> Thanks,
> Anne

Best regards

Martin Gerhard Loschwitz
Chief Brand Officer, Principal Consultant
hastexo Professional Services

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