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Monitoring / Billing Architecture proposed



I want to share the architecture i am developing in order to perform the
monitorig / billing OpenStack support:

1. AMQP Client which listen to RabbitMQ / QPid (this should be
interchangeable) (Own Stuff or ServiceMix / Camel)

2. Events should be stored on a NoSQL document oriented database (I think
mongodb is perfect, since we can query in a super easy fashion)

3a. The monitoring system can pull/push MongoDB

3b. The billing system can pull to create invoices

4. A mediation EIP should be necessary to integrate a billing/monitoring
product. (ServiceMix / Camel)

This is to receive your feedback. So please, critics are welcome!


Luis Alberto Gervaso Martin
Woorea Solutions, S.L
mobile: (+34) 627983344
luis@ <luis.gervaso@xxxxxxxxx>woorea.es

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