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[Metering] External API definition



The 3rd meeting of the Ceilometer project will be held on May 10th at
1600 UTC in the #openstack-meeting channel on Freenode. The main subject
we will be tackling this week is the external API definition and I'd
like to gather you opinions on the subject prior to the meeting.

The current proposal which can be found on the blueprint [1] states the

* Database can only be queried via a REST API (i.e. the database schema
is not a supported API and can change in a non backward compatible way
from one version to the other).
* Requests must be authenticated (separate from keystone, or only linked
to accounting type account)
* API Server must be able to be redundant
* Requests allow to
  GET account_id list
  GET list of counter_type
  GET list of events per account
    optional start and end for counter_datetime
    optional counter_type
  GET sum of (counter_volume, counter_duration) for counter_type and
    optional start and end for counter_datetime

Note: the aggregation of values is done by the API and is not stored in
the database. It may be cached for performance reasons but the caching
strategy is outside of the scope of this blueprint.

Any comments, suggestion, etc... are very welcome.

[1] http://wiki.openstack.org/EfficientMetering#API

Thanks a lot,

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