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Stackforge server migration


Hi guys,

In the last couple of weeks we have hit a couple of problems on
Stackforge Gerrit:

1. Notificiation mail is broken (in fact all mail is broken)
2. Users/groups aren't syncing

The second issue can be solved by me modifying the sync script to be
more universal (I already have a prototype for this).  I intend to do
this later this week.  In the mean time this can be manually run by me
if any new users are added.

The first problem is more serious and can't be fixed where Gerrit is
now, so it will require us to migrate Gerrit to a different server.  I
also intend to do this later this week and it will cause at least an
hour of downtime.  It will affect the Ceilometer project the most (but
the result will be worth it).

Is there any time/date that would be really bad for people?

Kind Regards
Andrew Hutchings - LinuxJedi - http://www.linuxjedi.co.uk/

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