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[metering] Choice of a messaging queue


Hello everyone,

Next week's irc meeting will have for goal to choose a reference
messaging queue service for the ceilometer project.  For this meeting to
be able to be successful, a discussion on the choices that we have to
make need to occur first right here.

To open the discussion here are a few requirements that I would consider
important for the queue to support:

a) the queue must guaranty the delivery of messages.
To the contrary of monitoring, loss of events may have important billing
impacts, it therefore cannot be an option that message be lost.

b) the client should be able to store and forward.
As the load of system or traffic increases, or if the client is
temporarily disconnected, client element of the queue should be able to
hold messages in a local queue to be emitted as soon as condition permit.

c) client must authenticate
Only client which hold a shared private key should be able to send
messages on the queue.

d) queue may support client signing of individual messages
Each message should be individually signed by the agent that emits it in
order to guaranty non repudiability.  This function can be done by the
queue client or by the agent prior to en-queuing of messages.

d) queue must be highly available
the queue servers must be able to support multiple instances running in
parallel in order to support continuation of operations with the loss of
one server.  This should be achievable without the need to use complex
fail over systems and shared storage.

e) queue should be horizontally scalable
The scalability of queue servers should be achievable by increasing the
number of servers.

Not sure this list is exhaustive or viable, feel free to comment on it,
but the real question is: which queue should we be using here?

Nick Barcet <nick.barcet@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
aka: nijaba, nicolas

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