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Re: how to fix: "iptables-restore v1.4.12: host/network `None' not found



Thanks for your replay.

I used following network create command and got such a output:

id      IPv4                    IPv6            start address   DNS1
     DNS2            VlanID         project          uuid
1        None  
    None            None           5f9281bca6854fe3974a457d81afd78c
2        None  
    None            None           5f9281bca6854fe3974a457d81afd78c
3        None  
    None            None           ee29f5730caa40958bf4812a0fbec3d9
4        None  
    None            None           ee29f5730caa40958bf4812a0fbec3d9

nova-manage network create --label=admin_100 --fixed_range_v4= --num_networks=1 --bridge=br100 --bridge_interface=eth0
--network_size=16 --multi_host=T --project=5f9281bca6854fe3974a457d81afd78c
nova-manage network create --label=admin_200 --fixed_range_v4= --num_networks=1 --bridge=br200 --bridge_interface=eth1
--network_size=16 --multi_host=T --project=5f9281bca6854fe3974a457d81afd78c

nova-manage network create --label=aipu_101 --fixed_range_v4= --num_networks=1 --bridge=br101 --bridge_interface=eth0
--network_size=16 --multi_host=T --project=ee29f5730caa40958bf4812a0fbec3d9
nova-manage network create --label=aipu_201 --fixed_range_v4= --num_networks=1 --bridge=br201 --bridge_interface=eth1
--network_size=16 --multi_host=T --project=ee29f5730caa40958bf4812a0fbec3d9

My target is to create 2 networks for each tenant,one for internal,another
for external.On each compute nodes,run both of compute and network service
with Flat model to avoid single network service down.

By the way,when I restart compute node, nova-network could not start
again,give me 'iptables-restore v1.4.12: host/network `None' not found' and
then stop. The only way is to drop and create nova db again and then
compute node network service could restart normally. Of course, when a new
VM was created,it show the same error information.



2012/5/27 Razique Mahroua <razique.mahroua@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hey,
> what nova-manage network list gives ?
> Razique
>  张子凡 <romizhang1968@xxxxxxxxx>
>  27 mai 2012 01:39
> hi,
> I had been fighting this problem for days, and right now knew it perhaps
> was a bug, got it from :
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nova/+bug/907197
> It was happened in a fresh install for compute node base on ubuntu newest
> version 12.04LTS, including nova-compute,nova-network,nova-api. Both of
> nova-compute and nova-network could start normally and I also could get
> smile face in NovaCC node. But when i created a new instance and was sent
> to that new node by scheduler , it always could not get success and always
> show:
> Stderr: "iptables-restore v1.4.12: host/network `None' not found\nError
> occurred at line: 23\nTry `iptables-restore -h' or 'iptables-restore
> --help' for more information.\n".
> I am not sure it is same as the bug report and i appreciate if someone
> could give me a help how to fix this problem, it stopped me for days to run
> a new node.
> Best regards,
> Romi
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